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Small Business

  • Initial Consultation – Tell us what you have in mind and we help guide you in writing the requirements. Billed in 30 minute increments
  • Requirements writing – Once the initial consultation is complete and you decide to use us, you can either provide us written requirements for review or we can help you write them. Billed in 60 minute increments.
  • Solution design – Once your requirements are ready to go, we create a design document that can be used by any software developer you choose. During this phase, if you need help with selecting a domain name for a website or setting up your website to be hosted on a server somewhere, the steps needed to do this will be included in the content. Minimum 2 hours billing, and billed in 60 minute increments thereafter (depends on the complexity of the requirements, so keep it simple if budget sensitive).
  • Software development – If you can’t find a software developer, we can help. Depending on the complexity of the solution, we can propose either a fixed amount for the total effort or bill you hourly, with status updates to you at 2 week milestones. If your solution requires video and audio services, please refer to “Corporate Multimedia and Entertainment” below. We develop your solution in our office and deliver it to whatever target platform you choose, which could be your website or via a thumb drive delivered to you direct.

Big Business

The service offering for medium and large companies is similar to small business, but often involve organizational complexity that requires a more formal approach. As stated, an Agile methodology approach, sometimes coupled with Lean Six Sigma, is more appropriate for corporate environments. Areas of focus for corporate project teams centers around the following:

  • Driving to an Statement of Architecture Work
  • Describe what aspects of the architecture will be of interest to the stakeholder
  • Outline the existing IT team structure – e.g., simple organization chart showing roles and reporting lines
  • Outline key project processes – e.g., regular meetings, steering boards, document repository, configuration management, quality assurance, escalation procedure, change procedure
  • Baseline versus target (is the emphasis on documenting the current baseline, or proposing a future target architecture? In what sequence will these activities be approached?)
  • What metrics/KPIs will be used to determine the success of this architecture work?
  • What format to use for the Solution Architecture Design (SAD) document? Who are the technical stakeholders to execute the various aspects of the SAD document


Areas to cover at a high level:

  • Architecture Principles, Vision, and Requirements
  • Business Architecture
  • Information Systems Architecture – Data
  • Information Systems Architecture – Applications
  • Technology Architecture (Microsoft stack or Java stack
  • Architecture Realization (web, desktop, mobile, or all of them)


Corporate IT projects are billed a minimum of 4 hours (Initial Consultation) and in 60 minute increments thereafter, depending on the complexity of the service chosen.

Corporate Multimedia and Entertainment

When it comes to presentations that must be persuasive, PowerPoint is the top go-to tool for business people. We can certainly help with that. But what if you want to go beyond just text and graphics? What if you need professional level videos with sophisticated audio to make your presentation come alive? We can also help with that.


We have some of the most advanced multimedia and entertainment tools available on the market. Need photo editing? We have s subscription to the latest Adobe Photoshop CS. Need video editing? We use Corel Video Studio X10 Ultimate. Need audio editing? we use Cakewalk Sonar Platinum, which is used by many professional music producers, composers and sound engineers (recording, mixing and mastering). And we use all of these for every video project to deliver the most appealing multimedia project for corporate presentations and entertainment industry projects. Billing is similar to how we approach small businesses for their software projects.