How to Properly Plan Your Website Before Launching It


The importance of knowing your business processes before hiring a web developer is essential. Documenting the steps you take to engage your customers, suppliers, employees, investors, lenders and government agencies are important. This means you have to properly plan every step of the way from where you are now, to where you want to be. You have to answer questions like:

1.       How do I reach out to the public to convince them to become paying customers?

2.       How do I want my customers to learn more about my business?

3.       How can customers read about my products or services before buying?

4.       How can I convince customers to make the buy decision?

5.       How can I make it convenient for customers to pay for my products and services?

6.       How easy is it for my customers to understand my refund policy and actually request a refund?

7.       How can I work with my suppliers to make it easy to buy their products and services I need for my business?

8.       How easy is it to resolve my customers’ refunds when I need to get reimbursed from suppliers? Do my vendors make it easy for me to get such refunds?

9.       How will my business continue if a disaster happens or if a supplier I rely on goes out of business?

10.   How do I get the necessary licenses for my business from the local government agency (if required)?

11.   How do I pay my business sales and income taxes online?

12.   If I have employees:

a.       How do I manage my workers HR and payroll needs?

b.       How do I make it easy for workers to perform their tasks easily?

How do I keep investors and lenders informed about the performance of my business?

View the entire video for helpful, informative tips on getting your website up and running today!


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